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Our name was inspired by the Latin term Implico, meaning “to unite, involve, and embrace.”

To understand our name is to understand our story. Implecho is the result of uniting two highly-regarded audio technology brands into one — TourGuide Solutions™ and Rhino Communication Rentals. We have decades of experience under our belts, and we're 100% employee-owned as part of the OwnersEdge family of companies. Together, we promise to “echo” your success with top-notch audio solutions.


Our Goal is Crystal Clear

We could use a lot of words to describe our mission, but it basically boils down to this: we want to make audio communication easy for you. And we do. Here’s how. 

Implecho is an eager team of expert consultants and technicians. Sure, we’re a one-stop shop for all your headsets, two-way radios, assisted reality wearables and other audio communication needs. But we go far beyond renting or selling equipment…

We deliver unrivaled service to guide you each step of the way, even coming onsite to handle every detail if you so choose. You may remember us as TourGuide Solutions™ or Rhino Communication Rentals; Implecho now encompasses both brands into a single team that offers the best of both worlds. We think you’ll agree that we are, hands down, the best audio communication solutions provider.

Serving nationwide customers big and small, Implecho provides audio communication solutions for conferences, trade shows, festivals, facility tours, remote or onsite training, job site applications, manufacturing, construction and much more.

Providing the right headsets, two-way radios, assisted reality wearables and other audio equipment for rent or purchase is only part of the picture. You can count on a helping hand every step of the way, including remote or onsite assistance as needed. 

Our expert consultants take a collaborative approach that helps identify your needs, explore possibilities, eliminate stress, reduce risk and ensure delivery of the perfect high-quality audio solution when and where you need it. 

Our team thrives on helping others overcome challenges. It’s in our DNA. Implecho is 100% employee-owned and part of the OwnersEdge family of companies. Every team member is invested in and believes they are a part of something bigger. When you succeed, we succeed.

The future is bright, and audio technology is advancing at warp speed. Implecho is committed to investing in and leveraging the best technology and people to drive your success and ours.

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Our invaluable rental service creates powerful live experiences with professional headsets for presentations, silent sessions, VIP events, trade shows, and more, Equip behind-the-scenes logistics personnel with the two-way communication tools they need. Our rental solutions offer remote or all-inclusive on-site service nationwide.



Building off our years of experience as TourGuide Solutions™, you’ll be assured that your message is heard with quality headset systems that are perfect for factory, campus, museum, or city tours. Also explore audio systems for translation services, trade shows, employee training, corporate events, and more.



Improve on-the-job and certification training in a wide range of environments with two-way headset systems. Support remote mentor or field technician training with hands-free assisted reality wearables that can stream and capture live video, accept verbal prompts, and integrate with digital workflow software.



Get simple, rugged communication rentals with next-day service for construction sites and outdoor events. Formerly known as Rhino Communication Rentals, our Implecho radios, headsets, repeaters and Wi-Fi hotspots are ideal for noisy and expansive environments where safety is paramount. Our assisted reality headsets also help field technicians capture data and get remote assistance. 



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