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A lot of companies say “our customers come first.” At Implecho, we want to prove it to you. Our attentive customer service team will do whatever it takes, walking you through the process of selecting and using our impressive audio communications solutions.

Based on past conversations, we’ve provided answers to common FAQs below, as well as video tutorials and other resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What’s the best way to get started?

You don’t have to go it alone or guess which audio communication solution you need for your unique application. Our helpful experts will walk you through the process and ask just the right questions to determine the best path forward. You’ll walk away feeling confident that you made the right choice. Let’s get started.

Do I need to be a technical wizard to understand your technology?

No, definitely not. Implecho offers the industry’s best wireless audio communications equipment that not only delivers high-quality, crystal-clear sounds, but that’s also super easy to set up and use. We make it easy with our plug-and-play solutions and quick-start guides. For rental setups, we’ll provide customized pre-programming, how-to instructions or onsite set-up services to ensure your success.

Will Implecho help me set up the equipment?

Absolutely! We offer the option of on-location services where Implecho staff members arrive at your event to help unpack, set up, organize and distribute your equipment to guests. We’ll even pack it up. If you don’t need on-site service, we make sure your equipment is shipped with every package labeled clearly, equipment organized in groups according to your tour needs, and the appropriate frequencies and channels already set up. It’s easy right out of the box.

Is my event or application too small or too large for Implecho?

Implecho has the largest purchase and rental inventory in North America and has a direct line to our manufacturers for additional needs. We’re ready to serve you, whether you need solutions for 10 people or 10,000.

What is Implecho’s service area?

Implecho has customers across the globe and specializes in servicing North America with its purchase and rental solutions. Our team will assist you in navigating US-based or international deployments to minimize delivery and service issues.

What happened to TourGuide Solutions™ and Rhino Communication Rentals?

Good question! If you’ve worked with either TourGuide Solutions™ or Rhino Communication Rentals before, you can expect the same comprehensive service and even more solutions now that they’ve joined forces to be known as Implecho. The combined expertise of the two companies means you benefit from their decades-long experience and the ability to combine numerous technologies into a single solution without having to work with multiple vendors. Learn more about us

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The Order Process

Sometimes our needs change at the last second. If you need to quickly reprogram something, how easy is it to do?

In your shipping container, with your equipment, are all the manuals and step-by-step instructions to make any adjustments to frequencies, channels, volume and grouped receivers. These aren’t the manufacturing manuals with pages and pages of technical jargon; these are manuals developed by our team at Implecho, showing simple steps, photos and troubleshooting tips for your equipment. If you need further assistance, we offer onsite personal staff to help. Our product experts are also available via email, phone, text and video chat to walk you through anything.

What if my event/tour guests RSVP with a “solid maybe” or “kinda interested” response?

We understand: RSVPs notoriously shift. That’s why you can reserve the quantities you think you might need in advance, then adjust your order just days before your event. We can even adjust your order the day before it ships! Your final bill will reflect only what was shipped.

What if we need more equipment after I place an order or receive our shipment?

Shipments arrive 1 to 2 days before your event so you can confirm you have everything you need. If you need to make revisions to your order, we’ll overnight more equipment and will add it to your total. Implecho can even ship to your event location, hotel or wherever you need the equipment.

Can I mix and match with my rental order?

We have a massive product inventory with a variety of headset options, two-way radios, RealWear assistive reality headsets and accessories to accommodate your environment’s noise level and group size. Definitely mix and match, if it’s best for your situation. We’ll help you determine exactly what you need when you speak with us.

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Purchasing Questions

What payment options are there for my order?

We accept all major credit cards, business checks, personal checks, wire transfers and net-30 invoice payments. 

How long can I keep rental equipment?

Whether you’re renting for a single-day event, a weeklong conference or a months-long project, we can develop a rental agreement that works for your timing and needs. Keep in mind — Implecho doesn’t charge for the time it takes to ship equipment back and forth. You are only charged when the equipment is in your hands.

If we like our rental equipment, can we purchase it?

Yes, if you rent equipment from us and decide you want to keep it forever, you can contact us and we'll give you a custom quote for purchasing a brand new version of the audio communication system.

What if my rental equipment gets damaged or lost?

Stuff happens, and we understand that dings and scratches sometimes occur during use. You won’t be held responsible for minor damage. If major damage occurs, however, please let us know and we can send a next-day replacement if needed. You will be charged to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged unit(s). If an item is missing from your returned rental, you’ll be given one week to locate it before we consider it “lost” and invoice you for the cost of its replacement. However, every scenario is different; if a “lost” (and paid for) item is found and returned to us in working condition within 60 days, we’ll provide a full credit for its return.

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Shipping Questions

How far in advance should I confirm my order?

Like most things in life, planning ahead is best. Reserve your equipment as soon as possible to secure availability and the best pricing – you can always adjust your quantity up to the day your equipment ships. That said, we can help in a pinch and can even ship the same day for next-day delivery when necessary. There may be some limitations based on inventory availability, location and time of day when the order is received. Some transit limitations may also apply (snowstorms and hurricanes are out of our control).  

How is equipment shipped, both to and from my location?

Our solutions usually ship via UPS or FedEx in secure, hard plastic cases. All batteries will arrive with a full charge. If an item is damaged during shipping, please inform us and we’ll offer next-day replacement at no cost. To make rental returns easy, we provide return labels with your order for you to schedule a pick-up or drop-off at your local service center.

Are there any geographic limitations to shipping?

We mostly ship throughout North America. The majority of our event partners are located in the U.S., but if you need equipment somewhere across the border, let’s talk about your plans.

What if my rental equipment gets damaged or lost?

Our extreme attention to detail means this likely won’t happen. If it does, we’ll do what it takes to make it right, right away! Fill out our simple discrepancy form prior to your event start date to document any incorrect quantities, defective products or issues you may have with your order. You can also contact us by email, call or text us for immediate attention.

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