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Empower Teams With Jobsite Communication Solutions

Work crews need real-time communication that is reliable and crystal clear to enhance collaboration, safety and productivity. Empower onsite teams with Motorola two-way radios or full-duplex, hands-free headset systems, and equip those who work remotely with assisted reality wearables.

The Implecho team works closely with you to determine the right audio solution for your unique work environment and helps you comply with the highest safety standards in accordance with OSHA regulations.

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Jobsite Communication Product Gallery

Rely on our extensive selection of jobsite communication solutions for construction, manufacturing, utilities and a host of industrial settings. Our in-stock solutions are ready to ship in as little as one day within the US and Canada.

Ultimate Audio

Motorola Solutions Two-Way Radios

Motorola Solutions set the standard for two-way radios by inventing walkie-talkies. They continue to innovate and deliver the highest quality audio and user experiences.

  • MOTOTRBOTM XPR 3000e, 6000 and 7000e Series — Rugged, intrinsically safe and UL-listed portable digital radios with a variety of compatible accessories, programming options for high-noise, extended range,  long battery life and optional monochrome digital display
  • WAVETM Two-Way Radio TLK 100 — Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, ideal for long-range communication. The Wave OnCloud app enables communication between radios and smartphones across carriers. Featuring durable, slim design, location tracking, nationwide push-to-talk, Wi-Fi connectivity and long battery life. 

CrewPlex Full-Duplex, Hands-Free Headsets

Empower work crews to connect across large construction jobsites or other workplaces. Crews can also integrate the full-duplex technology with two-way radios to communicate across multiple sites. Multiple options available:

  • CrewPlex MR10 — Hands-free crew communication with a flexible clip-on wireless pack and exceptional range performance even on tough job sites
  • CrewPlex DR10 — Rugged and durable system for critical workplace communication, serving up to 10 full-duplex users with two channels of intercom, and options for unlimited listeners
  • CrewPlex DR5 — Simple communication for small to medium-sized teams, up to five (5) full-duplex users and options for unlimited listeners

RealWear Assisted Reality Headsets

RealWear® is the leading hands-free mobile computing device that helps remote field teams communicate easily and access video conferencing and workflow software applications anywhere.

  • RealWear Navigator® 500 —The gold standard in rugged, voice-controlled wearables, including hardware, accessories, software solutions, and RealWear Cloud with incredible low-light performance, enhanced zoom and video stabilization
  • RealWear Navigator® 520 — Includes the new HyperDisplay with higher resolution in 720p. Increase size and clarity with bolder, more accurate colors, and enhance visibility with its 20% larger view
  • RealWear HMT-1Z1® — A certified intrinsically safe wearable that eliminates the risk of sparks and explosions in hazardous environments. It is a 100% hands-free, voice-controlled device with unmatched noise cancellation

Why Implecho?

When you need an audio communications partner who listens, learns and guides you to an ideal solution that fits your needs to a tee, rely on Implecho.

Our audio communication experts offer:

  • Purchase and rental options for scalable solutions
  • Customized configurations with exactly the number of radios, headsets, microphones, charging stations and accessories you need
  • Free demo options to ensure your satisfaction
  • Personal training and tools to instill confidence
  • Extensive warranty and returns service
  • And more

Whether renting or buying, we’ll take you through each step of the process, provide you with the tools and training you need and ensure your system works as it should.

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“Our Rep has been a big help with getting my equipment set up and has made himself available to help work through issues.”

"Very easy to work with, delivery of equipment was on time and the steps to return equipment were detailed and easy to follow!"

Jobsite Radio & Headset Applications & Industries

Explore the types of jobsite applications where our audio solutions and service are a fit — and learn how you can enhance communication, productivity and safety.

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