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Pulling off an event without a hitch requires crystal-clear communication. Motorola Solutions two-way radios for events allow teams to connect with the push of a button to relay critical information. Elevate your event. Reduce your stress.

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Push-to-Talk Event Radio Applications

With Implecho’s unrivaled service and industry-leading digital radios, your event teams can communicate easily and reliably. 

Security Teams

From inclement weather to threats of violence, large indoor and outdoor gatherings like festivals, rallies, concerts and sporting events face many potential risks. Handheld radios and event walkie talkies with earpieces are simple to operate yet powerful, allowing security teams to communicate critical information in real-time, even in high-noise environments. Whether using a security company, in-house security team or a group of volunteers, you can be confident their messages will get through to help keep attendees safe.

For events that span greater distances, consider Capacity Plus featured on Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of radios. It enables system-wide calling to communicate with every radio at once, as well as options for GPS capabilities to pinpoint someone’s position when needed.

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Operations & Logistics

Event radios help logistics teams stay in close contact no matter where they are on the event grounds. From ticketing and food vendors to parking, camping, setup, teardown and bathroom cleanup, event radios are hands-down the best way to keep your operations running smoothly. 

A major benefit of renting headsets for logistics is that you don’t have to worry about upgrades, defective batteries, FCC compliance or storage. Our Motorola Solutions radios show up fully tested and ready to use. We’ll even pre-program channels and handle FCC licensing for you.

Why Choose Motorola Radios

Event Production

The magic of most events happens behind the scenes and often goes unnoticed … until something goes wrong. Whether delivering lighting cues or tracking down your next presenter, event production radios serve as intercom systems to communicate quickly, discretely and with purpose. 

Audio visual (AV) crews and other in-house event teams appreciate the convenience of two-way radios for events with wireless headsets, allowing them to conduct their tasks untethered. And noise-canceling features help ensure they hear every word.

Improve Logistics with 2-Way Radios
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The Benefits of Event Radio Rentals

Implecho is a premier rental provider of Motorola Solutions two-way digital radios. Our team of experts will help you determine your audio requirements including repeaters, headsets, surveillance or speaker microphones and more. We’ll deliver the exact number of units and accessories you need in as little as 24 hours in a pinch from our large rental inventory. Plus, we:

  • Clean and test for excellence
  • Offer technical support for custom programming
  • Pre-program channels
  • Handle FCC licensing and frequencies
  • Provide specialty accessories
  • Send extra batteries upon request



Why Implecho?

Implecho will customize your wireless, hands-free tour headsets to perfectly match your needs, whether for a one-time event or regular tour experiences.

Our audio communication experts offer:

  • Free demo options to ensure your satisfaction
  • Customized configurations with exactly the number of radios, headsets, microphones, charging stations and accessories you need
  • Preprogramming of channels and licensing
  • All-inclusive on-site support upon request for larger events (includes unpacking, setup, training, sanitizing in between uses, repacking, return shipping and more)
  • Nationwide next-day delivery in a pinch
  • And more
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We’ll take you through each step of the rental process, provide you with the tools and training you need and ensure your radios and event communication headsets work as they should.

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Event Radio FAQs

What are the best radios for events?

There’s a reason we partner with Motorola Solutions. They invented the two-way radio (walkie talkie) and continue to dominate the market with their innovative audio technologies featuring unrivaled sound quality. Multiple Motorola radio options and accessories are available, and our helpful team of experts will walk you through how to select a just-right solution.

What’s the longest range an event radio can reach?

Some events like parades, bike tours and marathons can span miles. For these types of applications, we recommend using the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO line of radios with the Capacity Plus feature. Capacity Plus can reach farther distances using a trunking system, and can connect up to 1,200 users without adding new frequencies. 

Do I have to rent a set number of radios?

Some event radio providers force you to rent a package with a set number of radios, whether you need them all or not. At Implecho, our team can customize a solution that meets your specific needs. Need 17 radios with six headsets, two repeaters and extra batteries? We’ll deliver what you need when you need it, helping you save yourself from headaches and extra expenses.

Do I need a FCC license for two-way radio rentals?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all professional and commercial two-way radios to have a license and assigned frequency, no matter how many radios you have. If you already have your FCC frequencies locked in and need to extend your radio fleet, Implecho can match your frequencies for seamless operation. If you don’t have your own fleet with an FCC license, no worries. Our team will handle the FCC licensing of your rental radios so you can feel confident using them right out of the box.

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