Aug 15, 2023

4 Reasons Events Should Use Motorola Radio Rentals

Events both big and small require real-time communication to keep things running smoothly. Most importantly, instant access to event team members is necessary for ensuring the safety and security of attendees and staff.

While there are other two-way radio brands, Motorola Solutions radio rentals are the #1 trusted solution for trade shows, conventions, festivals, sports competitions and an endless list of event types. Here’s why.

1. Superior Audio Quality

Motorola Solutions two-way radios are unrivaled when it comes to audio quality. They invented two-way radios nearly a century ago and still dominate the market today, having perfected the technology. They’re easy to use and feature noise-canceling technology that helps to eliminate background noise so team members don’t need to strain to hear or shout to be heard. And hands-free accessories like in-ear speakers, headsets and adjustable microphones help customize the user experience.

Audio quality is a top consideration for events with high noise levels like music festivals, sporting events and rallies. However, even seemingly “quieter” events like trade shows can exceed acceptable decibel levels once thousands of exhibitors and attendees are talking at once. Motorola event radio rentals ensure everyone is heard loud and clear.

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2. Reliable for Critical Communications

Unlike cell phones, Motorola radios won’t stop working if a cell tower goes down or becomes over-taxed by large crowds. Likewise, two-way radios are much more durable, and critical calls or texts won’t get missed. Team members can communicate across multiple channels to ensure their message is heard.

GET THE GUIDE: Two-way Radio Channel Checklist and User Etiquette 

Motorola Solutions rental radios also come with digital signals, allowing for superior voice quality, increased capacity, enhanced signal coverage and better battery life than analog radios.

3. Capacity Plus Enhanced Security Feature

Motorola radio rentals have the option to expand capacity and coverage over greater distances using their Capacity Plus feature on their MOTOTRBO line of radios. 

Capacity Plus uses a trunking system that can connect up to 1,200 users without adding new frequencies. Even if you don’t have that many users, it’s worth considering because it allows for system-wide calling to override all conversations and communicate with everyone on every channel at once. It also features GPS capabilities so you can pinpoint someone’s position when needed.

These features are critically important for events that span across wide expanses or those that have a greater potential for security threats such as inclement weather, acts of violence or medical emergencies. Examples might include:

    • Concerts
    • Festivals
    • Marathons
    • Fairs
    • Parades
    • Trade shows
    • And more

4. Motorola Event Radio Rentals

Events that are held once or twice a year don’t need to purchase a two-way radio system only to have it sit idle most of the time. Renting Motorola radios is much more economical and is much less hassle. 

When purchasing radio equipment, not only do you need to find storage space (and remember where you put it), you also need to maintain and clean it, charge the batteries, test each radio to make sure it works and configure the system with the proper channels. You’ll also need to purchase a frequency license for FCC compliance and might need to rent or purchase additional radios that need to “play nice” with the ones you already own.

Like all manufacturers, Motorola Solutions continues to innovate and offer new radio technologies to meet evolving needs. As such, there’s a risk of obsolescence or missed firmware upgrades when purchasing additional equipment. When you rent from Implecho, you receive the latest pre-programmed technology that’s been tested and is ready to use out of the box, plus you’ll get the exact number of radios and accessories you need every time — no more, no less. Our team tailors a solution for your event’s needs.

Motorola radio rental is the best and most effective option for events of all kinds. View some of our options, and contact an Implecho audio communications expert today to talk through your event needs. Also be sure to check out our helpful Event Audio Communications Planning Guide for additional audio considerations including the two-way radio channel checklist and user etiquette tips.



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