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Live events demand high-performance rental equipment that’s easy to use and works … every time. Explore our nationwide event radios and event communication headsets below. Or ask our experts to help you identify the best-performing rental solution.

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Why Rent from Implecho?

Implecho is an event radio and event communication headset rental partner that listens, learns and guides you to the ideal solution that fits your needs to a tee.

Our audio communication experts offer:

  • Free demo options to ensure your satisfaction
  • Customized configurations with exactly the number of radios, headsets, microphones, charging stations and accessories you need
  • Preprogramming of channels and licensing
  • All-inclusive, onsite support upon request for larger events (includes unpacking, setup, training, sanitizing in between uses, repacking, return shipping and more)
  • Nationwide next-day delivery in a pinch
  • And more
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We’ll take you through each step of the rental process, provide you with the tools and training you need and ensure your radios and event communication headsets work as they should.

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“Our onsite representative was super helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
Stephanie Byrd, Caesars Entertainment

Event Audio Applications & Industries

Explore the numerous types of events where our two-way radios and audio headset solutions and services can enhance your guest experiences.

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