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Wireless Headset Solutions for Group Communication


Your Guide to Headset Communication Systems

Confused about the variety of tour guide system options? There is no one-size-fits-all headset communication system that will work for every situation.

Discover the different types of wireless communication headsets, their uses and what features to look for below!

One-Way vs. Two-Way
Wireless Headsets

The first place to start when choosing a wireless tour guide system is to determine whether you need to talk to your tour guests or talk with them. Below is a simple explanation of the difference between one-way and two-way tour guide systems.

One-Way Headset Options

One-way tour systems are ideal for professional and leisure tours, demonstrations and situations that support one-to-many communications.


TGS-900 TourGuide Solutions

An ultra-lightweight solution suitable for tours requiring one-way communication with handheld or hands-free microphones and lanyard-worn devices. Ideal for:

  • Walking or Segway tours
  • Brewery and historical tours
  • Travel and Leisure tours

Sennheiser 2020–D

Versatile one-way communication with a professional and polished low-profile design, available with:

  • Manufacturing tours and training
  • Events and conference tours
  • Hands-free bodypack or hand-held microphone
  • Stethoset receivers
  • Bodypack receivers

Two-Way Headset Options

Two-way wireless headsets are ideal for situations where you want to encourage interaction between tour guides and tour groups. Guests can ask and answer questions without having to pass around a microphone, and language interpreters can translate for international guests on a separate channel.


ListenTALK by Listen Technologies

Features one-way or two-way communication with the ability to have multiple presenters, up to 20 tour groups and a built-in interpretation mode. Great for:

  • Manufacturing tours and training
  • Events, conferences and silent sessions 
  • Tours requiring language interpretation
  • Available with NRR safety-rated headsets

Williams AV Digi-Wave

A two-way tour guide system with added industrial-strength durability and enhanced safety features for high-noise areas.

  • Perfect for environments requiring
    rugged solutions
  • Available with NRR safety-rated headphones


Empower trainers and trainees to communicate and interact easily. Designed for noisy environments (like construction jobsites), these full-duplex training headsets help enhance safety and productivity, and enable:

  • Real-time communication
  • Hands-free operation without having to
    push a button to talk
  • Available with NRR safety-rated headsets

Explore by Solutions & Headset Uses

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  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences
  • Sporting Events
  • Silent Sessions
Event Solutions
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  • Manufacturing Tours
  • Tourism
  • Campus Tours
  • Language Interpretation
Tour Solutions
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  • Lean Training
  • Equipment Demonstrations
  • On-the-Job Training
Training Solutions
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  • Construction & Utilities
  • Film with Event Productions
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing
Jobsite Solutions

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Headset Communication System FAQs

What is a headset communication system?

A headset communication system is wireless, hands-free audio technology that allows a presenter or tour guide to communicate with a group simultaneously. It typically consists of a headset with a microphone and transmitter for the presenter (although handheld microphones can sometimes be used). Tour guests have headsets with receivers that allow them to hear the presenter.

How do headset systems work?

A presenter speaks into a microphone (usually attached to a headset) to transmit their message wirelessly to a group. Guests also wear earphones or headphones to hear the message. Some systems allow for interactive two-way communication with the touch of a button while others only allow the presenter to speak. Batteries are charged in a charging station and last for long periods of time.

What kinds of audio headsets are available?

Tour guide systems are available with a variety of headset options, including:

  • Over-ear headphones or ear muffs
  • Hardhat-compatible headphones
  • Lightweight on-ear headphones
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • In-ear earbuds
  • Single-ear or dual-ear headsets
  • A combination of the above
Can headset systems be used for language interpretation?

In general, only two-way systems can be used for language interpretation. In particular, the ListenTALK system can be configured to accommodate language interpreters to listen to a presenter on one channel and communicate to international guests on another, helping encourage a diverse and inclusive experience.

How does a headset system demo work?

A customized demo kit typically includes four pre-programmed transceivers with headset mics and accessories. Some tour or event planners, however, will rent a full system with multiple units as a test run before they decide to purchase.


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