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When they listen, they learn. The Implecho team and our extensive line of noise-canceling training headsets help ensure crystal clear audio in any environment. Our rugged, easy-to-use, portable and hands-free solutions help keep everyone focused and engaged during important training, walk-throughs and orientations.

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Training Headset Product Gallery

Whether providing corporate training, hosting an event or instructing remote workers in the field, rely on our extensive selection of group communication solutions for training. Explore our noise-canceling training headsets and accessories below. Our in-stock solutions are ready to ship in as little as one day within the US and Canada.

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Highly versatile and user-friendly, the ListenTALK training headset system by Listen Technologies comes with five different headset options based on your training program format and the noise level of the surrounding environment, plus additional features.

  • Effortless two-way or one-way communications
  • Built in mic and one-button push to talk
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • Interpretation and assistive listening capabilities
  • Options for hard hat and Noise Reduction Rated (NRR) headsets

Williams AV Digi-Wave

Hold side-by-side training sessions with up to six instructors or interpreters in full-duplex mode with no cross-talk. Plus, trainees can ask questions or interact with other participants with the push of a button.

  • Industrial-strength, ideal for high-noise industrial settings
  • Two-way or one-way programming
  • Updated wireless charging
  • NRR-rated headset options
  • Ability to fine-tune mic sensitivity

Sennheiser 2020

Communicate with large and small training groups in a wide range of environments with Sennheiser tour guide system, from noisy factory floors to bustling exhibit halls.

  • One-way communications
  • Handheld or hands-free microphone options
  • Designed for simple, intuitive operation
  • Industry-leading wireless audio quality
  • Support up to six simultaneous training groups
  • Low-profile design won’t interfere with hardhats or safety equipment
  • Training groups synchronize with the push of a button

TourGuide Solutions TGS-900

The hands-free TGS-900 is ideal for on-the-job training, outdoor education, classroom applications and hands-free demonstrations. Presenters appreciate the portable carry kit with fast, drop-in charging.

  • One-way communications
  • Handheld or hands-free microphone options
  • Superior, high-quality performance
  • Wide-ranging reception, great for indoors and out
  • Ultra-lightweight receivers worn around the neck
  • 12-unit and 24-unit options


Provide one-on-one instruction or train large groups. Trainers can also integrate the full-duplex technology with two-way radios to communicate across multiple sites. Multiple options are available:

  • CrewPlex® MR10 — Hands-free crew communication with a flexible clip-on wireless pack and exceptional range performance even on tough job sites
  • CrewPlex® DR10 — Rugged and durable system for critical workplace communication, serving up to 10 full-duplex users with two channels of intercom, and options for unlimited listeners
  • CrewPlex® DR5 — Simple communication for small to medium-size teams, up to 5 full-duplex users and options for unlimited listeners


Improve onboarding and training with RealWear®, whether across the plant or across the country. Rugged, hands-free Assisted Reality (AR) devices are ideal for virtual training and accessing digital workflow software applications, allowing trainees to see and interact with virtual objects and environments. Multiple options are available:

  • RealWear® Navigator™ 500 — The gold standard in voice-controlled wearables, including hardware, accessories, software solutions, and RealWear® Cloud
  • RealWear® Navigator™ 520 – Provides the same ruggedized assisted reality solution as the 500 but includes the new HyperDisplay: increases size and clarity, and enhances visibility
  • RealWear® HMT-1Z1® — The intrinsically safe wearable device includes ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1 certification to eliminate the risk of sparks and explosions. Compatible with multiple software including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WorkfloPlus, Oculavis and more

Why Implecho?

When you need an audio communications partner who listens, learns and guides you to an ideal solution that fits your needs to a tee, rely on Implecho.

Our audio communication experts offer:

  • Free demo options to ensure your satisfaction
  • Customized configurations with exactly the number of headsets, microphones, charging stations and accessories you need
  • Purchase and rental options for scalable solutions
  • Personal training and tools to instill confidence
  • All-inclusive on-site support upon request for larger events (includes unpacking, setup, training, sanitizing in between uses, repacking, return shipping and more)
  • Extensive warranty and returns service
  • And more

Whether renting or buying, we’ll take you through each step of the process, provide you with the tools and training you need and ensure your system works as it should.

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“TourGuide Solutions exceeded our expectations. Our experience from start to finish was flawless. We highly recommend TourGuide Solutions to all! We will be working with them in the future.”


“We have a Gemba Walk in our plant every week and with the old communication devices there were difficulties interacting with the Team Leader and the group. With ListenTALK, those issues are eliminated…the new devices give us a great advantage for providing information and interacting with our tour members.”


“Customer service was very responsible and always there when I had questions. My order was customized for our particular application and everything came exactly as I wanted and well packaged and organized!”


Training Headset Applications & Industries

Explore the numerous types of training applications where our audio solutions and service are a fit – and learn how you can enhance user experiences.

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Training Headset FAQs

What is a training headset system?

A training headset system is a wireless audio system used to communicate with an entire training group simultaneously. It typically consists of a headset with a microphone and transmitter for the presenter (although handheld microphones can sometimes be used). Trainees have headsets with receivers that allow them to hear the presenter loud and clear, even in noisy environments. They are ideal for corporate training, onboarding, Gemba walks and daily walkthroughs.

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What is the best training headset for noisy environments?

Most training headsets have multiple earphone or earbud options to accommodate loud factory floors or other noisy environments. They typically can be equipped with noise-canceling microphones to help minimize background noise. Our team of audio experts can guide you toward the ideal solution for your environment.

Can training headsets be used for language interpretation?

Yes. In particular, our ListenTALK system can be configured to accommodate language interpreters to listen to an instructor on one channel and communicate to international students or employees on another, helping encourage a diverse and inclusive experience.

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How does a free training headset demo work?

A customized demo kit typically includes four pre-programmed transceivers with headset mics and accessories. Some trainers, however, will rent a full system with multiple units as a test run before they decide to purchase.

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