May 2, 2023

Why Use the ListenTALK Tour Guide System for Factory Tours

A factory floor can be loud, sometimes exceeding 90 decibels – that’s about as loud as a blender or some power tools. Without proper audio equipment, conducting a guided tour in those conditions could feel like a shouting match. 

When your tour guests are business prospects, executives or potential investors, the stakes can be high. For a great experience and optimal clarity, we recommend ListenTALK two-way audio headsets from Listen Technologies. Here’s why.

  1. Quality Audio
  2. Multiple Participation Modes
  3. Simple, Intuitive Operation
  4. More Than One Presenter
  5. Flexible Configurations
  6. Easy Charging Cases & Storage

Quality Audio

When you want to create a VIP experience, flimsy headsets and crackling audio won’t cut it. The ListenTALK wireless tour guide system offers crystal clear audio with noise-canceling features to help cut out background noise. Guests who stand toward the back of the group will be able to hear just as well as those standing next to the presenter

Not only does the audio equipment sound great…it looks great, too. Your guests will appreciate the professional, high-quality feel and appearance, sending a message that you care about making their experience an enjoyable one.

Multiple Participation Modes

Every tour is different. You might conduct a presentation where only the speaker’s voice is heard, or you may encourage guests to ask questions along the way. The ListenTALK 2-way audio system comes with several participation modes to allow for a variety of guest interactions. 

  • Discuss Mode — the best option for including everyone in the group. Participants can interact on a first-come, first-served basis to avoid the confusion of multiple voices at once
  • Respond Mode — allows individuals to ask questions or respond to the leader without the entire group hearing
  • Listen Mode — a traditional 1-way setup in which only the leader’s voice transmits through the system’s lightweight headsets
  • Interpretation Mode —  allows multiple language interpreters to listen to a presenter on one channel and speak to international guests on another in their own language — without disrupting others in the group. ListenTALK is ADA compliant, making it an ideal assistive listening solution

Simple, Intuitive Operation

Ease-of-use is one feature that tour guides and guests alike can appreciate. Presenters can speak without having to hold down a button, allowing for hands-free demonstrations and the ability to point out features along the way. When a guest has a question, they simply push a button on the lightweight transceiver that hangs on a lanyard around their neck. The comfortable headsets are equipped with wireless noise-canceling microphones; they don’t need to raise their voice and neither does the presenter.

More Than One Presenter

The ListenTALK 2-way communication system provides the option to have more than one presenter, which is especially beneficial in situations where multiple areas of expertise add to the value of the presentation. Unlike 1-way systems, guests and guides both use transceivers that transmit and receive audio.

Flexible Configurations

ListenTALK is one of the most versatile tour guide systems available for group communication. Straightforward pairing technology enhances the flexibility of the system’s setup, making it easy to conduct tours for simultaneous groups at one time, and mobile programming stations can allow users to change to their preferred channel without asking for help. Near Field Communication (NFC) stands can be placed in strategic areas, ensuring that a single system reaches throughout the facility rather than using separate systems in different areas.

You can also add a device for a specific tour group at the last minute. Headset options are available for different environmental noise levels, and the transceivers include adjustable volume controls. If preferred, guests can opt to use their own earbuds or headsets with a standard headphone jack.

Easy Charging Cases & Storage

Docking stations make it easy to charge and store the ListenTALK transceivers without multiple cords or having to switch out batteries. These compact docking stations can be mounted to a rack or tabletop; units are simply clicked into place after each use for a reliable connection and long battery life every time.

Request a Demo

The benefits of the ListenTALK 2-Way tour guide system are why facility tour operators who’ve tried it, insist on it. They never want to return to the days of inferior equipment or trying to be heard above the noise. Implecho goes a step further than simply providing equipment, however; our experts help determine the best configuration, accessories and setup to take your tours to the next level. Plus, we make sure you know how to use it and can provide on-site assistance when needed.

Contact our team of audio specialists to talk through your needs or request a demo. We’ll help ensure your upcoming tours are a success.

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