Sennheiser 2020
One-way Communications for Events

Amplify Your Brand


The Sennheiser 2020 tour guide system is well-known for its incomparable sound quality and ease of use, perfect for presenting to simultaneous groups. It is completely wireless, making it an ideal solution for reliable, turnkey event communication in any event format.

The Sennheiser 2020 system offers:

  • One-way communications
  • Handheld or hands-free microphone options
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Industry-leading wireless audio quality
  • Participants synchronize with the push of a button

Your audience listens via a unique, hands-free bodypack or stethophone receiver, combining the receiver and earphones in one ultra-lightweight unit.

  • Groups: 6 simultaneous groups
  • Participants per group: Unlimited
  • Range: 150 ft.
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Charge cycle: 2 hours
  • Frequency: 926-928 MHz

Flexible options available. Standard delivery package includes:

  • 1 wireless handheld microphone or 1 body pack transmitter with headworn microphone (built-in lithium ion batteries)
  • 20 lightweight stethoset receivers
  • 1 carrying case with integrated charging bay
  • Body pack receiver and neck loop options available
  • 2-year warranty

Our expert team can help you customize a package to meet your specific challenge, including necessary accessories, programming and more. Contact us to get started.