One-way Communications for Events

Crystal Clear Event Audio Communication


The TGS-900 ensures a clear and easy way to communicate and be heard at events, trade shows, large meeting rooms with poor audio or mobile events where ambient noise might interfere with a presentation.

You'll appreciate the lightweight, compact solution that provides a unique experience for your guests. It opens up the possibilities to present to as many as 25 simultaneous groups supporting product launches, student groups, media events and VIP tours. The system provides the option to use a handheld mic for booth interviews and curated topic tours or select the hands-free options for convenience and mobility with your event tour groups. It can also be used for language interpretation and Assistive Listening in houses of worship or performance venues.

The TGS-900 system offers:

  • Budget-friendly one-way communications
  • Handheld or hands-free microphone options
  • Superior, high-quality performance both indoors and out
  • Wide-ranging reception up to 600 ft., great for mobile events
  • Ultra-lightweight receivers worn around the neck 12-unit and 24-unit options

  • Groups: 25 simultaneous groups
  • Participants per group: Unlimited
  • Range: 600 ft.
  • Battery life: 16 hrs. transmitters; 10–12 hrs. receivers
  • Charge cycle: 2 hrs.
  • Frequency: 903–928 MHz

Flexible options available. Standard delivery package includes:

  • 1 compact, lanyard-worn transmitter with headworn microphone (built-in lithium ion batteries)
  • 20 compact, lanyard worn receivers with stereo headphones (built-in lithium ion batteries)
  • 1 soft-sided carrying case for easy transport
  • 1 drop-in charging tray with 24 slots
  • Handheld microphone options available
  • 3-year warranty

Our expert team can help you customize a package to meet your specific challenge, including necessary accessories, programming and more. Contact us to get started.