Two-way Communications for Jobsites

Hands-Free Continuous Communication


CrewPlex® is a hands-free, full-duplex audio communications solution to help work crews continuously connect in environments where noise, distance and task complexity can affect safety and productivity. With CrewPlex®, team members can talk and hear each other in real-time without voice triggering or having to push a button.

There are solutions for any team or crew:

Three innovative solutions are available.

CrewPlex® MR10 — Hands-free crew communication that features a flexible clip-on wireless pack for comfort and exceptional range performance even on tough job sites

CrewPlex® DR10 — This rugged and durable system is for critical workplace communication, serving up to 10 full-duplex users with two channels of intercom, and options for unlimited listeners

CrewPlex® DR5 — For small to medium-size teams, communicating is at its simplest with up to 5 full-duplex users and options for unlimited listeners

CrewPlex systems are easy to set up and use, and have excellent sound quality. Systems are available in several sizes and models offering flexibility to fit your crew, the job and your budget. Give work crews, large and small, the ability to communicate instantly. Crews can also integrate the full-duplex technology with two-way radios for multi-site communication.

  • Active Speakers: 10
  • Listeners: Unlimited
  • Range: 1000-2000ft
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Charge Cycle: 3.5 Hours
  • Frequency: 902-928 MHz

System Details: Small, lightweight, weather-resistant construction. No base station required. Rent by the day or week, with long-term subscription options, or purchase

CrewPlex® MR10

  • Two separate talk channels and up to 10 full-duplex users
  • Variety of headsets options with hard hat compatibility
  • Head-worn with No Long Cords
  • Approximate 8-hour battery life

CrewPlex® DR5

  • Single talk channel operation and up to 5 full-duplex users
  • Approximate 8-hour battery life

CrewPlex® DR10

  • Two separate talk channels and up to 10 full-duplex users
  • Clips on to most hard hats with no long cords
  • Field-replaceable battery and antenna
  • Approximate 12-hour battery life Available listen-only receiver

Flexible options available. Standard delivery package for MR-10* includes:

  • 5 MR-10 BeltPacks
  • 5 Single ear headsets or preferred headset
  • Rugged carry case
  • Charger

* The standard DR-10 system package includes 5 BeltPacks and 5 SmartBoom LITE headsets or preferred headsets, plus case and charger.