May 14, 2024

Manufacturing Tours For Students Open Eyes & Opportunities

One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers is finding skilled labor

One of the biggest challenges facing students is deciding on a career path

Bringing them together is creating opportunities for both.

Schools2SkillsTM is a workforce initiative program developed by the Waukesha County Business Alliance located in Wisconsin. The program educates middle and high school students about career opportunities in manufacturing and allows them to see the many innovative and advanced technologies and career opportunities firsthand. 

More than 7,000 students have participated since 2011, helping to expand their vision of what a career in manufacturing might look like.

Challenges of Manufacturing Plant Tours for Students

A typical Schools2Skills tour contains more than 30 students. A challenge for the program was ensuring each student could hear clearly when participating in manufacturing plant tours. Facilities are often large spaces with high ceilings and loud equipment, making it difficult to hear and retain important information. Plus, forklifts and machinery with moving parts could pose safety risks if students are distracted and can’t hear the tour guide’s instructions about where to walk, what not to touch, or when to step to the side.

The Schools2Skills program recognized the need for a high-quality tour guide system to ensure students not only heard the insightful information being shared but remained safe while on the tour. “Implecho provides incredible products and fantastic customer service, making the decision to partner together an easy one,” said Lexi Podjasek, Business and Education Coordinator for the Waukesha County Business Alliance. “The audio equipment elevated our programs and helped us in our mission to develop the future workforce.” An additional reason the organization chose to partner with Implecho is because of the company’s long-standing membership in the alliance.

Plant Tour Headset Solutions

The challenges of loud environments and potential hazards apply not only to a group of students exploring manufacturing careers but to anyone who might go on a plant tour. Whether a group of potential investors, customers or recruits, safety and a clear message play a critical role in communicating important details.

To address the needs of School2Skills participants, Implecho recommended the TGS-900 Tour Guide System, an easy-to-use, intuitive and lightweight audio communication system with long battery life. Implecho helped program the units for multiple groups and provided microphone and headset options to meet their needs, along with a quick-start guide to set them up for success.

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In addition to purchased units, the alliance has the option to extend its fleet as needed by renting compatible equipment for larger groups or events. 

Manufacturing facilities across the country can rely on Implecho to deliver unrivaled service and provide a variety of factory tour guide systems, including those that offer two-way communication, language translation and assistive listening, multiple presenter modes, NRR (noise-reduction rating) compliant headsets and more. 

Explore our expansive line of tour guide systems today, and contact our helpful team to customize a solution to meet your unique needs.

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