Jun 19, 2024

Wireless Headset Use Cases for Corporate Training Events & Onboarding

One of the top concerns of business leaders right now is the recruitment and retention of great employees. 

Most agree that engaging employees and fostering a strong culture is at the heart of keeping them happy. Ensuring they have proper training plays a major role in setting them up for success.

When employees succeed, your company does, too.

When setting up corporate training events and onboarding, one-way or two-way wireless headsets can make the difference between a good event and a great event. No matter the size of the group, there are good reasons to consider adding this technology to your next event.

Benefits of Wireless Training Headsets

We’ve likely all been a part of a training session or corporate meeting where the presenter has to shout to be heard. Or, the presenter is soft-spoken and half the room has to strain to hear him.

Wireless training headsets for corporate events and onboarding can help eliminate those scenarios and deliver several other benefits.

Real-time Communication

If you’re giving a facility tour or presentation to a large group of people, those in the back of the group will have a difficult time hearing and can easily miss important information. Ensuring everyone can hear the message helps minimize distractions and increase engagement. Real-time communication also fosters immediate feedback or questions if you opt for a two-way training headset.

Enhanced Mobility & Flexibility

Wireless training headsets allow trainers and trainees to move freely around the training area or facility and, because they’re hands-free, they’re conducive to hands-on learning experiences.

Easy Operation

Training headsets are easy to use, simply requiring the touch of a button to speak with the group, and some allow for hands-free communication. For those who prefer renting vs. buying headsets, the units can come ready to use out of the box and fully charged. Here at Implecho, we can walk you through how to use them. For large corporate events where the stakes are high, we can even send someone to your facility to handle all the equipment for you.

Streamlined Onboarding

Audio headsets can streamline the onboarding process by enabling new hires to receive clear, consistent instructions and feedback. Wireless training headsets also have noise-canceling features to reduce background noises in loud environments. They also allow the audience to have a clear audio connection to supporting video and audio sources used in the presentation.

Improved Accessibility

One in eight people experience hearing loss, and the numbers climb for older workers. Using audio headsets helps ensure everyone can hear clearly, allowing individuals to adjust their sound levels as needed.

Language Interpretation & Assistive Listening

Some headsets are equipped with features that allow a language interpreter to translate information being presented on a separate channel for international guests. Headsets also serve as an assistive listening device for the hard of hearing.

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Wireless Training Headset Use Cases

Now that you know the benefits of using an audio communication system as part of your corporate training, onboarding and events, let’s take a look at some popular uses.

Large-Scale Training Seminars

It’s not unusual for a corporation to host hundreds of employees for a training session or conference. In this scenario, the presenter is equipped with an audio headset or hand-held mic that transmits the message. Participants can wear two-way audio headsets to engage in real-time Q&A sessions without moving to a microphone. No worries, the “talk back” feature can be turned on and off at desired times to ensure no one disrupts the presenter.

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Hands-on Technical Training

Technical onboarding may need to take place in environments where noise levels are high. Trainers can use wireless headsets to provide step-by-step instructions to trainees who can ask questions and receive immediate answers without stopping their tasks. Maintaining their attention also helps ensure safety if they’re being trained on how to use potentially hazardous equipment. 

Stakeholder Meetings

If you’re a multinational corporation, you likely experience language barriers when communicating with international stakeholders. When a group of investors or other prominent guests attend a meeting or facility tour, you can ensure they can hear and understand the message, no matter their native tongue. Providing language interpreters and equipping them and your foreign guests with headsets can ensure your message gets through and they feel valued. 

Team-building Exercises

Kaizen events and team-building exercises with large groups benefit from using two-way wireless headsets so they can communicate and collaborate effectively, even in large, open spaces or outdoor settings. 

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We’ve seen many more creative ways to use wireless training headsets. And once a corporation starts using them — whether rented for a one-time event or purchased for ongoing needs — they wonder how they ever got by without them.

Sometimes you simply need to try a headset system to fully understand how it can benefit you. Contact our team of helpful experts who can answer any questions and send you a no-obligation demo kit. It contains all the equipment and information you need — along with easy instructions and access to our team.

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